Escape to Molokai and travel to an island steeped in Hawaiian tradition and surrounded by lush natural beauty. You can enjoy the relaxed pace of life on Molokai, it has no traffic lights and no rush hour. From the scenic beauty of Halawa Valley to an area near Maunaloa said to be the birthplace of hula to the adventurous 1,700 foot descent on a surefooted mule to Kalaupapa, everywhere you go you will feel the mana (power) that protects the island.



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It starts with the idyllic beauty of Halawa Valley. Then it reveals the history of Kalaupapa. And then it reveals the world’s tallest sea cliffs and Hawaii’s most pristine lands. When it comes down to it, Molokai is for those seeking adventure and discovery.

Discover the magnificent beauty of Molokai. You will find tranquility, nature and a much slower pace on this Hawaiian island. Molokai is best explored by foot, bike, or horse – where outdoor adventure awaits you.

The true Hawaiian spirit is embraced on Molokai with glorious beaches and green hillsides. From its majestic landscape to its waterfalls and deep valleys, Molokai is filled with historical wonder.

Molokai is home to the world’s tallest seacliffs, towering between 3,600 and 3,900 feet above the ocean. Descend 1,700 feet on a surefooted mule to the remote settlement of Kalaupapa and change your perspective forever.