Photo courtesy of Jason’s Travels

As you stand on the sandy shores of Molokai, you notice water spouts on the horizon which signify whales just below the surface. As you focus more intently on the area, something to the right catches your eye. You turn your head just in time to see a whale breach, its large body propelled out of the water followed by a magnificent splash. This is whale watching on Molokai, an experience not to be missed.

Every December to May, over 10,000 humpback whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to give birth and breed. Each adult weighs about 40 tons and is about the size of a bus, but these gentle giants love to play in the water surrounding Molokai. Their spouts of water are visible at great distances as well as their tail and fin slaps on the surface. Visitors may also have the opportunity to see mothers teaching their young to breach. Molokai fish and dive

Enjoy these visual delights from any access to shore or from your hotel/condo. For specific whale watching spots, head to the resort area Kalua Koi Beach in West Molokai, primarily to the right of golf hole #3. Hotel Molokai and Hula Shores are prime locations in Central Molokai and in East Molokai, focus on whale watching between Kumimi Beach (mm 20) and Kapukaulua (mm 22).

For an up-close look at the whales, schedule a whale watching tour with one of these Molokai companies:

1.  Fun Hogs – www.molokaifishing.com
2.  Alice C – www.alycecsportfishing.com
3.  Halleluia Hou – www.hallelujahhoufishing.com
4.  Molokai Fish and Dive – www.molokaifishanddive.com