Snorkel and Scuba Lanai

Lanai offers many activities including water sports. Take time to snorkel or, if you are certified, scuba dive, and you’ll find a whole new world to explore under the water. Hawaiian green sea turtles, colorful fish and other marine life are waiting to be discovered at these well-known snorkel and scuba sites around Lanai.

Hulopoe Bay 

If you are new to snorkeling or diving, Hulopoe Bay is a good place to start because it offers easy access from a sandy beach and typically calm waters. Hulopoe Bay, which is a marine preserve, is a favorite spot for Hawaiian spinner dolphins early in the mornings.

Shark Fin Cove 

Another excellent snorkeling and scuba site is Shark Fin Cove. The cove is located on the south west corner of Lanai and gets its name from the rock next to the site, which looks like a large shark fin. This underwater spot is teaming with sea life such as tangs, parrot fish, and the Hawaii State Fish, the humuhumunukunukuapuaa. You will also get a chance to explore Kaunolu, where King Kamehameha had his summer fishing retreats. The underwater beauty here is only surpassed by the magnificent sea cliffs on the western shore.

Snorkel and Scuba Lanai

First Cathedral 

First Cathedral, located off Lanai’s southern coast, is well-known and considered one of the best dives in Hawaii by Sport Diver Magazine. It was so named due to the resemblance of a church with a lava rock acting as an altar with rays of light streaming in. Hawaii’s clear waters allow light to illuminate and shine in via holes in the lava cavern. Its breathtaking beauty has attracted many underwater proposals and even weddings. Depths range from 50-65 feet and feature many interesting lava formations including a lava tube that shoots you out the exit with a pressure wave.

Second Cathedral 

Second Cathedral dive site ranges in depth of 40-65 feet. The lava tube at the Second Cathedral is about 30 feet in diameter and larger than the First Cathedral. When you scuba this cavern, you will spot nocturnal fish that you can normally only see at night. With about 7 different ways to enter and exit the lava tube, you can choose which direction you would like to explore. Towards the seaward side of the pinnacle, there is an incredible drop where you can find smaller sea life creatures. Be on the lookout for pyramid butterflyfish at this dive site.

Snorkel and Scuba Lanai

Barge Harbor  

Located in the middle of the western shore of Lanai, is a fantastic dive site known as Barge Harbor. Barge Harbor is a drift dive with crystal clear visibility and depths up to 100 feet. It will take over an hour on a catamaran or about 30 minutes on a jet boat to reach the site, but you’ll be rewarded with an enormous amount of fish. In fact, Barge Harbor boasts more fish than any other Lanai site.

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