Blog 5Perhaps it was the live music at Hotel Molokai or Paddler’s Inn, or maybe a tune that drifted through your mind as you walked along Papohaku Beach, or simply a song that reminds you of Molokai, whether you have visited the island or it is still on your list, music can capture a moment, a memory and even a lifestyle. In this blog, we’ve highlighted a few Molokai-inspired songs which can transport you to the island.

Molokai Slide
Molokai Slide is an award winning song which was originally written by Tad Suckling but has been covered by artists around the world. The idea for the song came about when Tad attended a luau on Molokai in 1988. The song won a Hoku Award in 1997. To hear the song, follow this link and play the video at the bottom:

Mystical Molokai
Mystical Molokai was written by Eddie Tanaka, a longtime Molokai resident. The album, also called Mystical Molokai, was nominated for “Island Album of the Year” for the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. As Eddie says on his website, “My intent is that the music and songs will touch people’s na’au (one’s heart and mind) and mark times in their lives like they do for me.  While writing and playing these songs while I was away in my travels, this is what I have to share about my stories of my past, present and my home, Moloka’i.” For more information about Eddie Tanaka and Mystical Molokai, please visit:

Molokai Our Song
Molokai Our Song, by Kahea, is part of a compilation album called Moloka’i Now: A Collection of Original Music from Molokai. This album was released in 1998 and features an assortment of Molokai artists singing about the island. Contributors include Sterline Kalua, Issac Kamaile, Fred Reyes, Pa’a Pono, Greg Camara and Sweet & Chrissy. To listen to songs from this album, please click here:!-song-from-molokai-mw0000048152

LonoMolokai O Hina

Molokai O Hina is just one of the many Molokai-influenced songs written by Lono, a longtime Molokai resident. Lono concentrates on the folk music of Hawaii with an Old Style which is described on his website as “traditional, nahenahe (soft) and easy listening just as it was when he was growing up.” His album “Keep it Hawaiian” garnered a preliminary ballot nomination for the first ever Grammy Folk Category for Hawaiian Music. You can find him at Hotel Molokai on Aloha Fridays as he performs with Na Kupuna 4-6pm.
To hear Molokai O Hina, please click here:
For more information about Lono, please visit: