Visiting Molokai? Make sure you take advantage of these gorgeous photo opportunities during your trip!


Kalaupapa Lookout
This overlook gives you a stunning view of the world’s highest sea cliffs and the Kalaupapa Peninsula.

Kaunakakai Pier
Walk out on the pier for beautiful views of the surrounding islands, as well as a unique photo of Molokai itself.

Papohaku Beach
A deserted white sand beach where the only footprints you’ll find will be yours. You won’t want to miss it!


Plumeria Farm
An orchard full of bright yellow, white and pink plumeria flowers, the opportunity to build a lei, and piles and piles of flowers. What more could you want?


Macademia Nut Farm
Close-ups of the flowers on the tree to photos of the fully formed nuts in the Molokai sunlight are only the beginning. You’ll also learn how to crack open the macadamia nuts in a variety of ways, each one an interesting photographic journey.


Halawa Valley Overlook
Located between mile markers 26-27 on the East End, this overlook has ideal views of Halawa Valley, the waterfalls, and looking the other direction, Kapaliloa sea cliff and Honoko gulch.


Kayaking/Stand-up paddling the coast
The Molokai coastline is a beautiful sight not to missed!  Bring along your waterproof camera and grab some great shots during a kayak or stand-up paddle experience!


Saturday’s Farmer’s Market
From Molokai-made arts and crafts to fresh vegetables grown in the rich, red Molokai soil, the farmer’s market provides a photographic insight into the Molokai way of life.

The Molokai Coast
Drive towards the East End and pull over at mile marker 24, Puu O Hoku area. You’ll find a scenic view of Maui and Lanai past Mokuhooniki Rock.


Molokai Sunsets
Molokai produces some of the most stunningly beautiful sunsets anywhere in the world. Don’t miss these beautiful photograph opportunities every evening!