OutlookMolokai is home to two saints: Saint Damien, canonized in 2009, and Saint Marianne, canonized in 2012. Many travelers come to the island to learn about these individuals and the work they did on the Kalaupapa Peninsula but did you know you can also learn more about Saint Damien and Saint Marianne before you take the mule ride to Kalaupapa? Here are some places throughout Molokai where you can learn more about these two dedicated saints:

Molokai Museum and Cultural Center
Stop by the Molokai Museum and check out the large display on Saint Damien as well as books on both him and Saint Marianne. The museum is located in Kala’e on Hwy 470. Open 10am-2pm, Monday through Saturday.

Molokai Public Library
The Molokai Public Library has a wide array of books which feature Saint Damien and Saint Marianne. Located at 15 Ala Malama in Kaunakakai, the library is open Monday through Friday.

Saint Joseph'sSt. Joseph’s Church

This church located at Mile Marker 11 in Kamalo was built by Father Damien in 1876. When you arrive, you will notice the pewter statue of Father Damien right outside the building. The second statue at St. Joseph’s is of Brother Dutton, located near the parking area.

Lady of Seven Sorrows
Built by Father Damien in 1874, this church in Kalua’aha  provides Sunday mass at 7am.
To learn more about the churches on Molokai, please follow this link:

Kalaupapa Overlook
Visit the overlook to get a breathtaking view of the Kalaupapa Peninsula where Saint Damien and Saint Marianne tended to patients with Hansen’s Disease.


For additional information about Saint Damien and Sainta Marianne, visit the following links: