Imagine a place where cattle roam free on waves of rolling green pastures; a place where nene geese fly above farms full of fresh, organic produce, and axis deer bounce along rocky ridges that run all the way to the sea. Imagine a house just steps from the beach, surrounded by nothing but ranchland, and covered each night in a blanket of stars that poke through the inky black darkness.

This is the scene that visitors will find at Pu‘u O Hoku Ranch, a 14,000-acre, family-owned ranch on Molokai’s eastern tip. In Hawaiian the name means “Hill of Stars,” which is fitting considering the stargazing here is some of the best in the islands. You can stay on the ranch in one of three cottages, with the Sugar Mill Cottage being just a few steps from Kumimi Beach. Other cosy cottages, like the Sunrise Cottage, are located back in the heart of the ranch amidst fields that have served as pastureland since back in the 1800s.


Aside from the grass fed, free-range beef that’s raised at Pu‘u O Hoku, the ranch also has a sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farm. Here they grow everything from kale and cherry tomatoes to avocado and papaya, as well as the Polynesian root, ‘awa, which is traditionally known for its medicinal properties which are throught to include alleviating pain and other ailments. Everything grown at Pu‘u O Hoku is available for purchase at their store, which is set on the winding drive to the end of the road in Halawa Valley.

puu-o-hoku-3For guests who choose to stay on the ranch, meals of fresh, ranch-grown produce help supplement the scenery, with venison, beef, fruits, and vegetables available for purchase by arrangement with staff. Though Kaunakakai is an hour away, all the needs of a simple life are located here on the ranch, with an ocean for swimming, ridgelines for hiking, food that’s grown just steps from your home, and a sky full of stars every night.