Taro and Moloka'i Sweet Potato Pie

Taro and Moloka’i Sweet Potato Pie

What could be more ono or more delicious then a Taro and Moloka’i Sweet Potato Cream Pie, pictured above, enjoyed at the Ka’anpali Beach Hotel during the Hula O Na Keiki Festival? The Hula O Na Keiki, is a children’s solo and pairs hula competition, it will be held on the grounds of Ka’anapali Beach Hotel November 12-14. Though the event has grown over the years, from a single day affair to an entire weekend of Hawaiian arts, music, and the food the objective has remained the same – to educate the children of Hawaii in the ways of their ancestors so the culture can be carried forward. Executive Chef Tom Muromoto from the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel has graciously offered to share his recipe for the delicious Taro and Moloka’i Sweet Potato Cream Pie that is often served at intermission during the Hula O Na Keiki competition, for more information on the Hula O Na Keiki competition go The Ka’anapali Beach Hotel site: www.kbhmaui.com.

Taro and Moloka’i Sweet Potato Cream Pie

2 prepared 9″ pie shells
3/4 cup  granulated sugar
1 pinch of salt
4 eggs
1 pound Moloka’i Sweet potato (fully cooked and peeled)
8 ounces Tar0 (fully cooked and peeled)
1 1/4 cup Evaporated milk
1 1/4 cup water
1 tsp cornstarch

Sliced Molokai Sweet Potato

Sliced Moloka’i Sweet Potato


Brown pie shells in the oven and set aside until the filling is done. Place the remaining ingredients in a mixer and puree everything together until smooth and creamy. Strain the mixture through a sieve. Pour equal amounts of the the mixture in to each pie crust. Place in an oven pre-heated at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Refrigerate and cool. Serve topped with whipped cream, yum!

For more recipes from the creative Chef Tom Muromoto go to http://www.kbhmaui.com/dining/maui-hotel-dining.