Maui Front Street Parade

ParadeKamehameha Parade Maui
Each year, the Na Kamehameha Pā‘ū Parade & Ho‘olaule‘a is celebrated on on the Saturday after June 11th which is Kamehameha Day. Festivities commence with a floral parade along Lahaina’s Front Street in the morning.

The parade showcases lei garnished riders who demonstrate their skill of graceful horsemanship. The art of pā‘ū riding dates back to the early 1800’s. Pā‘ū riders are dressed in colorful skirts (pā‘ū), flower lei and headpieces and representative of each of the Hawaiian Islands:

Maui: Pink / Lokelani (heavenly rose).
Molokai: Green / Pua Kukui.
Lanai: Orange / Kaunaoa.
Oahu: Yellow / Puailima.
Hawaii, Big Island: Red / Red Ohia.
Kauai: Purple / Mokihana. Kahoolawe: Blue & Grey / Hinahina or Native Heliotrope.
Nihau: Brown & White / Pā Pā, also known as Momi, Laiki and Kahelelani.

After the parade, festivities continue at Kamehameha Iki Park with pā‘ū awards presentation, hula halau, Polynesian dancers, local musical artists, food booths, exhibits, Maui made arts & crafts, lei making as well as other activities for keiki. You may even get to meet some of the pā‘ū princesses and riders.

The festivities are scheduled to run until sunset. To learn more about the annual Na Kamehameha Pā‘ū Parade & Ho‘olaule‘a on Maui, visit

King KamehamehaKamehemeha Day Each year, June 11th is celebrated as a state holiday to honor Kamehameha Parade MauiKamehameha the Great who united the Hawaiian Islands in 1810 and became Hawai‘i’s first King.







Na Kamehameha Pā‘ū Parade & Ho’olaule’a

Na Kamehameha Pā‘ū Parade & Ho’olaule’a