Molokai's Late Night Bread Run

The brilliant stars overhead, the Molokai night air, and the pleasing aroma of fluffy bread as it bakes in the nearby ovens. The late night bread run at Kanemitsu Bakery is a time honored tradition and one not to be missed.

For over 80 years, Kanemitsu Bakery has been serving baked goods to locals and visitors. But the real treat happens at night as the bakery revs up operations for the morning. While workers are baking in preparation for the next day, locals and visitors have the opportunity to enter the alley behind the bakery and buy bread as it comes out of the oven.

Years ago, brave patrons would enter the dark alley and knock on the wooden window of the bakery, hoping for a baker to open it. Eventually it would open and after an exchange of money, bread would be handed out the window. The experience was not advertised but locals knew about it and soon visitors did too.
Hot Bread2

Although the alley is now well lit and the bakery expects guests at the window, there’s something unique and special about this tradition in a world where everything is constantly at your fingertips. Many experience a childlike excitement as they walk down the alley to the window where the flavors are handwritten on a board and only cash is accepted. Choose from five different flavors – strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon, butter or cream cheese – which are then slathered on the piping hot bread only moments out of the oven.

You’ll feel like you’re sharing in a secret from the past that aside from a few extra lights in the alley, has remained unchanged over the years.

Hot bread

Kanemitsu Bakery is located at 79 Ala Malama Ave in Kaunakakai and the alley is to the right of bakery. The late night bread starts at 8pm and continues until midnight on weekends and until 11pm weekdays, every night except for Mondays. The bakery is closed on Tuesdays, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.