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Perhaps it’s a piece that makes you stop and think, or a memento you want to take home, or recognition of the beauty and hours each item took to make, Molokai is home to several talented wood carvers producing handcrafted pieces of art. From beautifully crafted Koa bowls, to Hawaiian symbols to Pahu drums, here’s a glimpse at the work of Molokai’s wood carvers:

Victor Lopez is a master wood carver on Molokai who creates hand made Pahu drums in the traditional manner. The art of carving wood was passed onto Victor Lopez from his father in law, Bill Kapuni. From whales, dolphins, turtles and drums, Hawaiian images are his passion and specialty. For more information on Victor’s carvings, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/MolokaiWoodCarver

Robin Baker, although now retired, created beautiful wood bowls and hand-carved wall art from Norfolk, Cook Pine, Redwood and Milo. His pieces have been sold around the world and some items are available at the Molokai Art Gallery and Kalele Bookstore & Divine Expressions.
For information on Robin, please visit:

Paul Fischer hand carves tropical wood bowls from Kou, Koa, Milo and Monkey Pod Wood that have fallen naturally on Molokai. He does not cut any trees to create his work, only uses that which he finds and has already been downed. For more information on Paul, please visit:


Jack Ewing crafts bowls and Hawaiian calabashes from Koa, Norfolk pines, Hawaiian Kou and more. He’s also known for his Norfolk Pine lamps with Milo bases which appear translucent.
For information on Jack, please visit:

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