Kapualei-300x225Grab your cowboy hats and come to Molokai for the 2013 Molokai Stampede! This annual event attracts enthusiasts from all over the Hawaiian islands as the paniolo way of life is celebrated. Paniolos, or island cowboys, date back to the 1800s when skilled horsemen arrived from Mexico to teach locals how to ride and rope on the ranches in Hawaii.

The paniolo lifestyle continues today with many participating in the Molokai Stampede which started in 2006. From barrels and branding to a calf scramble and roping, the weekend is filled with activities at the Kapualei Ranch Roping Arena in Kamalo, Molokai. The event is part of the ACTRA (American Cowboys Team Roping Association) and is the largest roping event in Hawaii.

The event begins on Saturday, November 9th from 10am-4pm and continues on Sunday November 10th. For more information, please visit: