MolokaiSee Hawaii as it was meant to be seen, without big hotels or crowds on the beach, but rather the simple beauty of the island. The miles of undeveloped coastline will take you back to the Hawaii of yesterday and with only one hotel and a prolific absence of any name brand stores or even traffic lights, Molokai is a gem waiting for you.

Get back to nature as you hike through Halawa Valley or stroll on pristine Papohaku Beach where the only footprints are yours. Enjoy the natural wilderness, unmarked by development, and see native plants and wildlife which inhabit the island.

Explore the varied history of Molokai from the birthplace of hula and the early Hawaiian settlements in Halawa Valley to the Kalaupapa Peninsula when Saint Damien and Saint Marianne tended to those afflicted with Hansen’s Disease.

In this very fast paced world, Molokai is a place where you truly calm down, breath and relax. You can unplug and have a real vacation without feeling tied to the hustle at home. Spend time with your family and loved ones without glancing at your phone or checking email. The experience is extremely freeing and enlightening.

Friendly locals will gladly point you in the right direction or give you tips on how to best experience the island. They’ll often smile and wave as you pass by and you’ll start to feel like family. Stroll into the shops in Kaunakakai to meet more locals or to simply talk story.

When you leave Molokai, you’ll leave with a feeling that stays with you long after your plane has left the red soil, long after your suntan has faded and the photos have been downloaded. The feeling of Molokai will still remain.