The Lana‘i Cat Sanctuary has been rated the Number 1 Attraction on Lana‘i by TripAdvisor, so if you like cats you might enjoy a visit there.

LARC Lanai Cat Rescue

Getting to Lana‘i is easy. Whether you travel by ferry to Lana‘i or visit by air, from Maui or Oahu you are only a short journey away from the furry felines.

Lanai Best Activity Cats Shelter

The Lana‘i Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2008 to help protect and rescue cats. Home to nearly 400 cats, the sanctuary provides food, shelter, veterinary care and spay/neuter services to each cat in the facility. Veterinary visits are made frequently to keep the feline friends happy and healthy.

Not only does the shelter protects the cats, but also ensures the safety of an endangered sea bird that nests on the island of Lana‘i. Finding a furry friend is easy; the playful cats welcome you at the gate, eager to be cuddled. Adoption or sponsorship is available. For details on visiting times, adoption, sponsorship and more:

(The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is formerly known as LARC ~ Lanai Animal Rescue Center.)