When you first sit down at Hale Kealoha, the restaurant located at Hotel Molokai, there’s a magic ingredient in the tropical ambience you won’t find elsewhere on the island.


It isn’t the way that the gentle tradewinds cause palm fronds to rustle overhead, or how live, acoustic, Hawaiian music is played in the restaurant each night. Nor is it the fresh island fish, or wine being poured at the bar, or even the dancers who sway in rhythm on the island where hula was born.

hale-kealoha1Rather, the hidden touch is found in the sound of waves lapping gently on sand, as Hale Kealoha is Molokai’s only restaurant that’s situated right on the water. Kick back with a cold drink after a day of exploring the island, and watch the lingering rays of sun reflect off the south shore lagoon. Order a pupu platter of poke, made with locally caught fish, and bask in the flickering tiki torch glow as dusk morphs slowly to night. Hale Kealoha is a place you get dressed up to go and experience a night on the town—though getting dressed up means an aloha shirt that’s paired with a nice pair of slippers.


hale-kealoha3Hale Kealoha Restaurant and Bar was ceremoniously reopened in October 2015, by a local Hawaiian family. The dynamic duo of siblings, Tammy Smith and Kama Hoe, have extensive restaurant experience; Tammy in catering and restaurant ownership and Kama as an executive chef. Both are committed to crafting a flavorful menu of sustainable island ingredients.

More than just offering residents and visitors an enjoyable dining experience, Hale Kealoha provides fishermen and farmers an outlet for selling their produce, and introduces guests to the culinary bounty that Molokai can provide. From the tropical atmosphere to the fresh cuisine to the culturally rich entertainment, Hale Kealoha has successfully and instantly become a “must-dine” spot that every visitor should enjoy.


Hale Kealoha Restaurant and Bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm. They hold the only hotel liquor license on island and offer a full bar. For more information or reservations call 808-660-3400.