Kumu Farms Molokai

One of the greatest parts about visiting Molokai is the refreshing level of simplicity, where things in many ways are still like they were, “back in the good old days.”

A perfect example is Kumu Farms, which has been growing and selling organic produce since 1982. “Kumu,” in Hawaiian, is a word for “source,” which is exactly where you go to buy these organic produce and herbs. There’s no trucking the vegetables to market or shipping them off the island, and when you need to stock the fridge with produce you simply go straight to the source.
Kumu Farms Produce

If you’re staying in a condo on Molokai, and want to cook your own meals, Kumu Farms is an easy stop when driving across the island. Simply pull into the parking lot by the open air farm stand, and peruse the selection of carrots, tomatoes, chard, radishes, or green beans.

You’ll also find bunches of apple bananas and crates of organic papayas—one of the few items the farm actually ships to stores across Hawaii and the Mainland. Aside from the actual produce itself, the staff is passionate about freshly grown food and healthy, organic practices, and can help you pick out the freshest selection of colorful, locally grown produce.

In addition to fields of organic produce, Kumu Farms is known for their specialty bags of mac nut pesto. Kept in a freezer right there on the farm, the bags are best for flavoring a Molokai dinner of fish or pasta, since taking them off-island as gifts or souvenirs would unfortunately cause them to thaw. For ideas and recipes on cooking with the pesto the staff is ready to help, as well as offer meal suggestions for your colorful haul of fresh food.

Kumu Farms is located on Hua Ai Rd just five minutes away from the airport. The farm is open from 9am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday, and admission is free.

Kumu Farms Molokai
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