20121220_1438061Christmas on the island of Moloka‘i is a magical time filled with family gatherings and honored traditions. The songs of carolers are heard throughout the island, shops are closed so workers can be with their families, and houses are decorated with festive lights and figurines in the front yard. Moloka‘i is a place where the spirit of Christmas thrives.

Beach time is a Christmas tradition and although there may not be snow on the ground, there’s beautiful white sand and families can gather around the warmth of the setting sun. In the case of a rainy Christmas, celebrations are held at home where dinner consists mainly of Moloka‘i produced items: freshly caught fish from the waters around Moloka‘i, lau lau, ham, tangerines, avocados, bananas and papayas just to name a few. Juice is also a popular Christmas beverage due to the abundance of fresh fruit on the island – lilikoi, tangerine, orange, lemon and lime.

Moloka‘i residents leave room for dessert including banana cream pie made with local bananas, banana bread with lilikoi butter, Christmas cookies, pumpkin crunch, cakes, chocolate pudding pie and blueberry cream pie.

But the most important ingredient in a Moloka‘i Christmas is family. From extended family and distant relatives, to those living on another island or in another state, they return home to their families on Moloka‘i to celebrate this special time on a very special island.