The next time you go to book flights from Maui, notice how many of the flights to the Mainland depart after 6pm.

Since most hotel checkouts are usually around 11am, oftentimes visitors are left with several hours of free time before making the drive to airport. Because every moment on Maui is precious—especially the last day—here are suggestions for Maui activities after your hotel checkout.

Hit the spa and get a massage

Not only is a massage a great way to relax and recover from an active vacation, but many spas—particularly at resorts—have showers, saunas, steam rooms, and facilities you can use to freshen up before making the drive to Kahului airport.


Watch kitesurfers and windsurfers at Kanaha or Hookipa

Did you know there’s a beach less than half a mile from Kahului Airport? Kanaha Beach Park is one of the island’s most popular beaches with locals—yet few visitors ever see it unless they’re planning to windsurf. Most days, particularly in summer, have strong afternoon tradewinds, which draw windsurfers with colorful sails racing in and out of the waves. You’ll also find a string of beaches as well as a shaded park, which has showers, restrooms, and a volleyball court for one last trip to the beach. Hookipa, on the other hand, is five minutes past Paia, and the spot to watch windsurfers flip over waves and sea turtles haul out on shore. You’ll also find showers and restrooms here to freshen up for the flight.


Drive to Haleakala for sunset

If your flight is later than 9pm, consider bringing the trip to a close by making the drive to Haleakala Crater for one last island sunset. Oftentimes the summit is above the clouds, and creates the appearance of standing atop a floating, volcanic island. Just be sure you allow two hours to drive to Kahului Airport.

Visit the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum

If your last day on Maui happens to be rainy—or you’re a fan of history and museums—the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum is only three miles from Kahului Airport and details the days when sugar was king and how it shaped the island. Here you’ll learn everything from how it was harvested to the importance of irrigation, as well as how sugar contributed to Maui’s diverse ethnic community.

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Shop in Paia and Makawao

Still need to pick up that last souvenir before packing it away in your bag? Paia and Makawao are two of Maui’s most notable places for shopping, and both are only 15 minutes away from Kahului Airport.


Enjoy Your Last Sunset From A Helicopter

Finally, while it’s a bit counterintuitive to take a flight before you head to the airport, you can bring the trip to a dramatic close with a helicopter tour at sunset. Much of Maui can only be seen from out a helicopter window, and there’s no sweeter goodbye than watching a waterfall tumble right into the sea.