Enjoy rows of bright blossoming plumeria trees, a floral fragrance permeating the air, and the opportunity to create a fresh lei. This is Molokai Plumerias, located just outside of Kaunakakai and family-owned by Dick and Aome Wheeler.

The farm tour and lei making experience at Molokai Plumerias is offered Monday – Friday via reservation and offers the chance for attendees to create a lei from flowers grown on the property.Molokai-Plumerias2

Historically, the Hawaiian lei was worn as an ornament or presented as a sign of affection. The tradition continues today as lei are still given for birthdays, celebrations, and much more.

After strolling through the 10 acres of yellow plumeria trees at Molokai Plumerias and personally selecting flowers, the tour continues inside where proper lei making instruction is given as well as a special long needle and thread.

You’ll leave with a fresh fragrant lei around your neck, sweet-smelling flowers, and a fond memory.

Reservations for the tour and lei making experience can be made by calling 808-553-339.

For more information on Molokai Plumerias, please visit